Wednesday 2 January 2008

Jungle Book

One of Dad's Christmas prezzies was the DVD of Jungle Book, finally released by Disney and, in Dad's opinion the best film ever made in the history of the known Universe. Certainly seemed OK to us. We were gripped immediately by the shapes of Bagheera slinking across field of view (Meggie and I sitting up, alert on the sofa, heads cocked to one side) and then by the wolf cub shapes.

Mind you, I say "gripped immediately" - it was almost as quick to lose us when it became apparent that these weren't real animals or animal noises. We dogs KNOW, you know. Animal Hospital with Rolf Harris? You bet. The Archers on R4, with dogs barking "off". Yep. Oddie-Watch? Yes Sir! But anything where the animals are just cartoons, or the saounds are faked by humans.... naaaah!

Poor old Dad has been off work today with some kind of gastric flu (man flu?). He's been home after a fashion but no good to us what so ever, sleeping for most of the day and then only able to mope upstairs to the computer, mope downstairs to let us out, mope pathetically back up to lie down on the bed. Gah! What use is that. When a dog's owner is home there should be big long enenrgetic walks o'er hill and vale!


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