Thursday 3 January 2008

Don't Make Me Go Out!

Xena has been cracking them all up at work with tales of pup alsatian Keira (now about 12 weeks old?) who hates going out. They put it down to her being reared in a kind of stable building indoors, and never being taken outside with her Mum, or by the breeder lady. What ever the reason, they are having a devil of a job persuading her outside, either out back to do her poos, or out front for a walk.

Dad and First Dad were peeing themselves laughing at the stories and saying that all the westies and pups they'd known are stir-crazy by the age of 6 weeks and can't wait to go exploring out doors - rummaging in compost heaps and under hedges, falling in garden ponds (under close supervision, of course!) and generally causing outdoor havoc whenever possible, streaking out through gaps in doors left a-jar - 2 to 3 inches was always enough!

But, no, Keira doesn't mind the lead, and will get walked happily round the house, but take her to the door, and she plants her feet firmly on the threshold and whimpers. Meep meep. Xena had a "major breakthrough" only yesterday, when Keira ventured into the back garden by herself, and yeterday her Dad thought she'd enjoy a stroll down to nursery with the 2 and a half year old Grandson, Cole. But, reports Xena - she wasn't happy and ended up with her Dad having to carry her home in his arms. Soppy thing!

There were other stories too, of normal pup stuff, mouthing everything, play biting etc, driving Xena crazy, but that just comes with the territory.

Go Keira!
(More pics soon)


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