Tuesday 8 January 2008

Battling Bindy, Dodging Dudley

Dad's home a bit late again, so it's almost dark again we get to the Rec. But not so dark we can't see Bindy, our little Jack Russell friend crouching down in sheep-dog position, trying to stalk us through the close-mown grass.

There follows the usual mad charge about with Bindy at high speed whizzing between the three of us and bouncing off the humans' legs. At one point we cannon into one another and have to have a bit of a snarl and growl. (I won, I think - I ended up on top anyway with Bind on her back under me and my tail well forward... Yay Me! Why was Dad not so delighted with this outcome? ). But it's only a quick spat and we go back to playing as we wander round the top of the Rec and the upper path

Here we all meet up with a new kid on the block - handsome black Lakeland terrier 2 year old called Dudley. He has a very smart white chest marking but even so is almost invisible in the dark, so he's on the lead. His Mum says she's getting one of those hi-vis jackets for him or a flashy red collar. But we've seen a staffie out here with a dangly torch-light LED thing hanging from the collare alongside the ID-tag.


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