Sunday 27 January 2008

Fair Dinkum

When Dad and his 2CV cronies go over to the farm in Preston, East of Canterbury to work on Mademoiselle, their project 2CV, Dad always comes home smelling of dogs.

These are, specifically, 2 Cavs, an aunt and neice combination called Daisy and Dinkie (actually "Fair Dinkum" - they got the dog when they'd just got back from Oz and were full of Australian jargon and expressions)

A more disreputable pair of farm dogs you'd struggle to find but we know them well from our 2CV camps (they live in the farmhouse of the farmland where the camps happen so we meet often). They are always matted and tangled with burrs and debris in their fur. Dad hesitates to criticise anyone else's dog-husbandry but has to steal himself not to bring the clippers, combs and scissors when he goes to work on Mademoiselle.

Dinkie, in particular, likes to immerse herself in the experience of restoring the car, so she is always trying to make herself a bed on the rubbish bags, or get her nose too close to the shower of sparks from the angle grinder. Can dogs get arc-eye from a Mig welder? Who knows... Here she is in the picture getting comfy on a carrier bag of car bits and an aerosol can.


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