Sunday 20 January 2008


Dad is sure that today I was on a mission to cause mischief. To start off, I dived into a bramble thicket chasing rabbits down the Abbey Fields and would not come out. A man with a collie came out on his walk, the came back past on his way home, and we were still there. Dad's voice had started to go from the cool calm confident tone that says "Ah... she's only over there... if I whistle and clap twice (my signal) she'll come racing out" to a slightly more high pitched and anxious "Deeee-e-fer!".

The whistles were getting more frequent, longer and louder. But you see I was having sooooo much fun. Still I came out eventually and we carried on into the boatyard. They are an interesting of characters in the boat yard, not your run of the mill Town Residents. They live at various times on properly kitted out boats, or wrecks , portacabins, or in the case of a German couple of a certain age, in an old railway truck with no wheels on it, and those big heavy sliding doors on the side.

Outside the carriage they have laid out a nice little garden, with (in Summer) tomatoes growing up cane frames, pots of flowers and a couple of flower beds cut into the gravel and stone of the boatyard, then backfilled with top soil like a raised bed. Meggie and I generally pause at this point to sniff round the place, or thrust our noses through the narrow crack between the doors, and the couple happily greet us and make a fuss.

Today though, Dad realised with trepidation that the doors were well open, with an easy westie-sized gap between them, and that I was in there like Flynn. The people did not seem to be around. Suddenly there was cacophony - me barking and a cat streaking round the truck, zooming out, then back in again. Dad by this time is in hot pursuit of me and yelling.

I dive back into the truck. Dad calls - "Hello"... "Anybody there?". No answer, so he has no choice but to dive into the truck whereupon he finds me on a put-me-up bed in the left hand end of the truck, all the bedclothes thrown back as if someone has just got out of bed! He grabs me and retreats, horrified to have effectively been in the poor guy's actual bedroom - uninvited! The guy is not even about to apologise to. How embarrassing!

I am severely scolded and told that in future I am on the lead past the poor old couple's "house"

Well there was a cat in the bed Dad! It needed telling!


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