Thursday 10 January 2008

Wrecking the House

Mum's been off work, sick with flu, and has had a chance to catch up with favourite medical drama on DVD, "House" with Hugh Lawrie. So as soon as Dad gets home Mum grabs him and drags him to cries of "You gotta see this bit!".

An episode about 4 from the end of the most recent "season" starts with House asleep, where-upon a white dog's ear appears on scene. "It's a Westie!" says Dad, now watching eagerly. The scene unfolds as said westie keeps bringing training shoes etc to House, who is trying to sleep, in an attempt to get his attention.

"Better than that!", says Mum... leaving the sentence hanging while the camera pans back to the sight that greets House's eyes as he wakes and looks over the edge of the bed - a scene of devastation - chewed shoes and bits of shoes , bits of torn papaer and notebooks etc strewn across the carpet ...... "It's a Deefer!" says Mum grinning

Rather unkindly, I thought.....


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