Wednesday 23 January 2008


Dad has a day's holiday, so we are being spoiled again. We head for the Forest, entering at the Jacket's Field entrance and exploring the paths used on the Deer Walk in October, and passing through the "sleeping" rutting stand, now green with newly emerging bluebell shoots. It's a good walk - warm and sunny.

Dad must shop, and returns from the local "proper, old-fashionned" butcher (Barkaway's - good name for a butcher from a dog's point of view! We like this butcher anyway because he happily gives Dad bones for us) this time with a kilo of oxtail, which he steals a chunk each for us out of before it goes in the freezer. We have never had this before and it's love at first sight! We chew, gnaw and slurp deliciously for nearly an hour on them before reducing them to small meatless cylinders of vertebra

Then it's off to the vet for annual boosters - at least for Meg, Haggis and Mississippi the cat. Not me this time, but I go along for the ride, and I'm allowed to stand on the weighing scales - a trim 6.48 kgs! Just over half what the solid old bird Megan weighs!


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