Thursday 17 January 2008

Long Throw

Excellent time at the Rec this evening - our arrival coincided with those of our good friends Bindy (young female Jack Russell), Patch (old stout male JR) and Luca (extremely speedy lurcher whose Mum uses one of those 2 foot long spoon shaped launchers to fire day-glo orange balls great distances.

Dad had a try with it and could nearly launch them the full diagonal of the Rec, which had Luca looking up at him admiringly. Meanwhile Luca's mum used her ordinary arms to launch treats in the direction of us terriers which caused us to look up at her admiringly! Ever seen a motley line of 5 terriers all sitting in perfect obedience.

Well, Haggis did till he realised the treats were "dog-chocolate". The H does not "do plants" and chocolate counts as a plant. He is only interested if the treats are meat-based, so he soon wandered off and started killing the 2nd orange ball while Luca was distracted with Dad's 200 yard trajectories.

Go Dad! Go Luca!


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