Friday 11 January 2008

Peepie-Hole Shoes

Rain, rain and more rain. The Rec is like swamp, and the roads are puddles and muddy slush, especially around here where the constant traffic of lorries and builders' vehicles to and from the huge building site behind us, shares it with local residents at every pass.

There is a small gap between the clouds when Dad gets home, so we race to the rec armed with the yellow frisbee ring thingy. We follow Mini-Milly in, the tiny ("petite" I guess you'd say) westie who lives above the bakery. She looks for all the world like a 2/3 scale model of a westie - she must weigh just a couple of kg's, probably a quarter of what the solid Megan tips the scales at.

We also come across black collie-type cross Ben, with his vivid white flash at the chest, and his odd looking 2 white toe-tips on the middle toes of each back foot. His owner thinks they look like he's wearing open-toed black shoes, or indeed has those school-boy "potato" holes in his black socks.

Have a great weekend. I think we have Diamond coming round for a meal and a chin-wag with Mum. Girls' talk


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