Tuesday 1 January 2008

2008 !

What will the New Year bring. Other than the predicted mass launchings of fireworks, that is. The whole town seemed to be exploding, and there were some big, heavy (expensive) fireworks amongst it, too. We found a fair number of casings on the morning walk.

The walk is great - everybody seems to be out and about, even though some of the humans look a bit jaded. We met the people up the road with Westie Jock (always immaculate and frequently entered in dog photo competitions) and the Cav "Twiggie". We met another westie we'd not seem before, name of Lewie, about Haggis's size but I guess about 4 years old. We met pointers and alsatians, springers and patterdales... everybody!

We walked past Cambria and wished her New Year, and we walked on past Greta and said Hi and Happy New Year to skipper Steve (but barge-dog Alfie was below decks sleeping off his own walk).

Now we're back home, resting (or in Meggie and Mum's case, watching girlie movie "Polly-Anna" from the sofa) . Dad's reading a book he got for Christmas. All is quiet and warm - very mild, although the forecast is for freezing cold weather and snow.

Happy New Year

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