Monday 31 December 2007

Dew Claws and a Happy New Year

Ouch! Why do we dogs have these stupid little vestigial "thumbs" half way down our front lower leg - the "dew claws". They are just in a prime position to get snagged when scrapping with Haggis, or leppin' off the bed, or racing about in the trees, and it really hurts. I screech like a drama queen (no news there then) and Dad winces when he remembers "Dendix Thumb" - a common dry-slope ski-ing injury.

Dendix is the firm that makes the upside down tooth-brush lattice surface dry slopes use, and the gaps in the lattice are big enough to trap hands of falling ski-ers. Not only do you get (says Dad) superb rope-burns and bruises from falling on the plastic bristles, but you can catch a thumb and bend it backwards, smashing the carpel bones - hence the name "Dendix thumb"

In my case, Dad is wondering whether there is an easy surgical op to remove them, and is off to the vet in 2008, to ask. Neither Meg nor Haggis have, apparently ever had any problem with them. Perhaps I'm just clumsy and don't keep my thumbs tucked in.

Our thoughts meanwhile are with Diamond's ol' step Dad, who is spending tonight in hospital. Not very good timing, Denis, as it's......

Happy New Year! That's to all my readers and the friends, dog and human that we've made in our ramblings round this area. Especially to poor old Asbo, who will be missing Denis badly.

Happy New Year

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