Friday 14 December 2007


At last - some pictures of Xena's new pup Keira, one at 6 weeks and one at 8 weeks. She looks remarkably like a black bear in the 6 week one, but by 8 weeks her true Alsatian sticky-up ears are getting the right shape.
In both you can see how absolutely jet black she is. She is, we hear, a very brave girl, and didn't utter a peep when she was having her jabs (unlike one white girlie I could mention (ahem)). She can go "public" from January 6th, so Dad and First-Dad are trying to get up a joint walk at our favourite Leybourne Lakes.
My real-Dad (Hector) and bro' Archie have been (the grapevine says) a tad boisterous lately, most recently with a couple of Shih-Tzu's, so First Dad is uttering dark threats about having them "done" (whatever that is!). Look out boys.... it's not gonna be good. Probably for the best. Doesn't seem to have done Haggis any harm anyway....
Talking of which, I am told that I might also be "on" soon - I'm coming up to 16 months now and my first time was at 8 months.
Love is in the air.....
Have a great weekend

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