Friday 7 December 2007

Shopping in Paris

Retail Therapy! Mum and that Diamond have been in Paris for the last 4 days, shopping. Sounds fabulous - Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Bon Marche; all the make up and parfum counters - Chanel, Sisley, Fragonard..... ahhh sigh

Mum is home now (collected by Dad from the Eurostar last night) and is buzzing with tales of the bright lights, the window displays, eager-to-please assistance who naturally ask whether your purchase is "une cadeau" (a gift) which they will then beautifully gift-wrap in a neat pretty little box with ribbons and a bow.

Mum also collects all the designer shopping bags she can find (the pic is me diving into a Sisley "Soir de Lune" one to see what I might find. A dog sweetie? Maybe just possibly Dad snuck that in there to get me to stick my head in the bag?) I LOVE to smell hand cream and to lick it off Mum's hands, so you can imaging how I am as the car is unloaded - nose everywhere. Mind you, the Angel B, rather ungraciously says my nose is "everywhere" even when she is hoovering or tidying, curious to see if the hoover should unearth anything edible.

This way, Mum gets a break in Paris, Dad gets 99% of the Christmas shopping done without lifting a finger, so everyone is happy.

Hmmm... Christmas shopping. I wonder if there's anything in there for 3 angelic dogs.....

Have a good weekend


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