Thursday 27 December 2007

All around the world

Every now and then we like to have a little look at the stats for this site, and see where and when we're getting viewed. A girl loves the idea that she's being read all around the world. We've now topped 850 visits and 1600 views, and the most recent batch shows us being viewed in the USA (Penn, Arizona etc), as well as in Oz and Finland. We've had most European countries in our time, and places as far away as Malaysia, Bulgaria, Russia. It's quite exciting.

Ah well. Christmas is over now for the Humans - they've all deserted us and gone back to work. Just for the 2 days mind, then it's the weekend, and next week is, of course, New Years. Gulp... Fireworks... Hope Dad's gonna be here with us again.

Look after yourselves

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