Sunday 16 December 2007

Reculver in December Sun

You might be able to tell from these shots (compared to any from a few days ago) that we have been shampoo'd again. Megan got us in trouble this time - she's a devil for wading through puddles, and the puddles around the boat yard can be particularly feeeeelthy - spilt oil and old stagnant mud being 2 key ingredients.
Partly for that reason we got our proper walk this morning at Reculver - the theory being that even we cannot get muddy and disgusting at Reculver - the sea water washes itself off and any "mud" is just sand and beach really, so it falls off as we dry on the way back along the sea wall.
So, here we all are - first me bouncing around on the grass up by the tower, then a cracking close up of Haggis (we were actually walking back along the sea wall and a croaking noise inland in the oyster farm attracted our attention, so H is looking in land and the sun just caught him nicely). Double click the pic and get it up to full screen - it is crisp and clear around the eyes and nose perfect!
Finally, there's good old Megan under full sail, with her long "skirts" reaching the ground, and dazzling white, powering across the lawns and knocking all those lies about her slowing down and relaxing gracefully into old age into the long grass. Not this morning, she wasn't. Spronging about like a young lamb, she was!

More pics tomorrow - we took loads!

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