Saturday 22 December 2007


Bit of a thaw. After a succession of mornings at minus 5 degrees C, this morning was either warmer, or us getting up at a lazy 9am instead of the workday 04:15 meant that all the white frost had had a chance to melt.

Still steering clear of the Rec, our walk this morning took us down to the creek abnd back through the Iron Wharf and the boatyard. We were able to check on sailing barge "Cambria" now cocooned inside her poly tunnel of white tarpaulins. She also now has her smart new gang-plank and here, in the pic, you can see the railway sleepers the men have laid down to stop the cranes, when they use them, from collapsing the creek bank.

At home today, all is mad preparation for Mum's "posh frocks" do tonight, where Dad will be descended upon by 6 more glamorous ladeeeez in their finest (it's a hard life, Dad, but some-one's got to do it!). We have been despatched to the allotment to harvest leeks, kale and savoy cabbage, we have laid the fire, we have been shopping (nearest Sainsburys surprisingly not too manic!), we have been tidying and readying the house, polishing champagne glasses and getting out the finest china. Coo... aren't we the elegant ones!


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