Sunday 23 December 2007

Glam'd up

Well, we all survived our "posh frocks" party, where Mum's "team" of ladies turned up glam'd to the nines (Poor Dad - it's a tough life being the only rooster in the henhouse!) and Mum did "hostess with the mostest". They all had a good time, and we even sneaked a bit of cheese and biscuits off one of them when no-one was looking. My, but they can talk (and laugh!). The food was (allegedly) a great success but the main course being salmon and nobody fancying a race to the vets, we didn't get any! Referee!

Dad had to work this morning (those Supermarkets just never sleep at this time of year) but was back at mid-day so plenty of time to take us for a misty moisty walk in Challock Forest. We dropped Mum off at Diamond's on the way round and collected her on the way back). We met an 8 month old bouncy Labrador called Ella, owned by a Polish guy and out walking with him and his son. I found the bouncy lab all a bit much and resorted to my "drama queen" squeaks till she backed off a bit.

Now we're all home and chilling out. Mum's watching an episode of "House" on TV and Dad's sipping on a small Calvados.

Nearly there!

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