Monday 17 December 2007

The North Wind Shall Blow

...and we shall (maybe) have snow. Brrrr - it's turned really cold and we're all glad Dad leaves us fairly shaggy at this time of year.

Some more pics of Reculver yesterday and a nice artistic one of the Christmas Tree taken without flash
There's a story attached to the one of me, head and shoulders. You can't see it but I'm up on a low wall on the landward side of the sea-wall, where H and I kept hopping up to look inland, scouring the reed beds for prey animals (we being steely eyed hunter-killers an' all). Along near the Oyster farm the wall is only 6 inches tall from the sea-wall side, but the drop down to landward is a good 5 feet, onto a 45 degree downsloping "buttress" bit.
I was hop-skipping along here without a care in the world, when I hop-skipped a bit too carelessly. There was a skittering scritch of claws on wall, and my front legs went over. Dad watched in horror as in slow motion I scrabbled to reverse, then seemed to have succeeded but was still off balance. I did a little slow motion dance trying out various limbs on the edge and various limbs in thin air, but my body was slowly moving over the precipice. After what seemed like ages, but was only a few seconds, I gave in to the inevitable, dropped my nose and leapt, 5 feet down and 3 feet out, as Dad gasped "Noooooooo!!!".
But I landed perfectly and ran on down the 45 degree buttress, stopping eventually and turning to Dad with a look that said "Didn't hurt! You see - I meant to do that!"
Paratroop forward rolls next

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