Monday 24 December 2007

'Twas the Night before Christmas

...and all through the house
Nothing was stirring
Not even a mouse...

Except, of course for small white furry dogs who are racing around restlessly wishing the humans would put their feet up and relax, where upon we can also crash out. While humans are on the move, a dog can't sleep in case he or she misses something!

Dad skanked off work nice and early today, so we got a good daylight walk, as part of which we met young Jack Russell Bindy (her of the green hollow-centred frisbee). This was a signal for much tearing round in circles and out after the frisbee and back with it. Retriever? Yes, I can do that! Megan and H were by that point happy to stand around and watch the young ones playing, or occasionally scrounge a sneaky treat from Bindy's Mum

But now we're all indoors, all is safely gathered in, prezzies are wrapped and ready, everything we can remember that we need to buy is bought (it was all a victim of one of Mum's famous "LISTS" - we have lists for everything in this house. There's probably a list of what Mum needs to take when we go to the Rec ... Poo bags (check), collars (check), leads (check), spongey balls (check), Megan (check), Haggis (check), Rat* (check) etc).

It's turned mild, so the fire, though laid will not need lighting

So it just remains for WOOF WOOF WOOF! We all interupt this blog to tear downstairs shouting at the top of our voices because a scream has rent the air (screams always do that to the air in the best stories...). Jim next door has inadvertantly stood on Spaniel-Megan's tail while trying to wash her feet after a walk!

... it just remains for me to wish all my readers and viewers a very Happy Christmas.

Have a great one


* It's what she still calls me.

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