Thursday 20 December 2007

'Tis the Season

Oh Dear. It appears that I am well and truly "in Season". This now has me confined to walks on lead whenever there is a risk we'll meet other dogs, so the Rec in particular. Tonight we met Gigot, Truffles and Storm out with their "Dad". Gigot is now back to match fitness after his rescue and having spent several months now with his new family

He can be a bit choosy about his chums - he's used to Lab's (Truffles is a black lab) but can be a bit nervous still of "other" types including (apparently) Westies, but not it seems, we three, whom he has decided are a "good thing". His rescuers and now owners are delighted that he is starting to come out of his shell and play tentatively with more dogs.

Tonight though he was right out, bouncing around skittishly and taking a lot of notice of my back end area. Yep, and I may be only 15 months, and not have a clue of the effect, but I was there too, bouncing around and reversing at him, with my tail skewed right round. That was till the two men saw what was going on and started laughing about "brazen hussies" and "tarts" and "scarlet Jezzebel"s. Me? I'm still white, as far as I know.... but anyway, I was rounded up and wrestled back onto the lead and marched off.

Dad made one last joke with the man - "Now then.... a Bedlington x Westie, that would be an interesting beast, wouldn't it?"

Ahhh sigh.... Gigot.................
Works for me


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