Tuesday 4 December 2007

Keira is among us

Mmmmm... will have to check spelling of that, the newest dog in our "circle". She is, I think, a character in Lion King, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Anyway, Xena did successfully collect her from Romney Marsh and she is as black as your hat and very fluffy. She has quickly settled into the new house and is now plagueing them with all the usual puppy things - biting Xena's hair, romping enthusiastically with the grandchild till the grandchild wusses out, pooing on the floor just by the bed so that Xena treads in it in the morning (the humans love that - when it squishes up between their toes.... Go Keira!)

She is, though, a terror to photograph - all the auto-focus technology gets confused by the blackness and the fluff, so all they have so far is out of focus shadow-dogs!

She is, apparently, very young at only 6 weeks old, which surprised us all (including Xena, I think), but she's fully weaned and all her bro's and sis's are leaving too, so not much point inn leaving her there. She is, apparently, about the size of a Westie already.

Hope we meet her soon, before she gets toooooo big!


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