Wednesday 19 December 2007

Proper Westies!

Look at these two handsome puppies! Time for a reality check this morning, when we get this lovely card from Mum and Dad's friends Jane and Ida. We are all cute, undoubtedly, and we're white and we look mainly like westies, but we'd have to admit that we 'd get no where in proper dog showing.

Go to a proper dog show and you'll see a whole different animal, and it's not just the primping and preening. Read the breed standard, and you'll read about a whole different animal for that matter. These two, in the pic are "proper" westies - pedigree'd up and almost certain to become Champions, bred by Jane and Ida

Watch them strut their stuff in the ring - lovely gait (as opposed to H's back-legs-out-of-line-with-front scrabble), straight back-line (now look at mine in any picture), high set tails, tails carried vertically and shaped like a (straight) carrot, nice broad heads (we love Meg to death but even she'd admit to the narrow nose and unpronounced "stop"). Double coated, as opposed to my and H's silky fly-away fluff and Meggie's indeterminate wiry stuff. These pups are as far "up" from us as a Citroen DS is from Dad's old 2CV.

But heh... we're not pretending to be anything else. We're not complaining. We're just scruffy pet dogs but we are well looked after and we're happy. Doesn't stop us admiring the "real thing" though, does it. Gorgeous! Go Jane, Go Ida! (and thanks for the card)


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