Sunday 30 December 2007


Lovely walk this morning all down round the Creek and the Iron Wharf, where we got a chance to corner a tabby cat. Scary. Up close the cat transformed into an enormous beast of twice my weight, with big teeth and big slashing claws on long front legs. I was contemplating how to withdraw with face saved, when Dad pounced on me by the collar and dragged me away - I noticed that even he was giving the cat a wary, wide berth. Haggis and Megan were nowhere.

Dignity restored then, tonight when we can shout bravely at the yapping huskies on the Top Gear North Pole Special (a repeat but Dad had missed it first time round). He loves that programme but I must admit we normally sleep through it. Not this time - every few minutes something would set the dogs off and Haggis and I would have to charge around the living room and out to the back door, just in case the sledge dogs were upon us!


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