Friday 28 December 2007


Tonight we're at the Rec, just missing a possible entertainment with a stunt-kite. We all love those things, and this was a big one - about 6 foot by 4. Sometimes on 2CV camp the guys get them out and buzz them around swooping low over us with the strings whirring menacingly in the wind, and we three westies charge about barking up at the sky trying to attack the kite. But sadly, as we got to the rec at about 4pm, it was just getting dark and the "pilot" decided to land it and put it away

We (I) chased the yellow frisbee instead, working our way up to the top of the Rec, where we nipped down between the tennis courts and the high bank. I heard someone at the top of the bank and raced up there woofing at a possible dog. I then turned tail and ran back down as fast as I could squealing in panic when an alsatian decided he'd take again' lil' white doggies charging up at him. He never got withing 3 feet, but you'd never know from the racket I was making, and Dad saying "Well - you started it!" before the 2 men pee'd themselves laughing! The nerve!

We ended up meeting Bugsy, a bichon who is often there. Dad likes chatting to Bugsy's Dad, but Bugs can be a bit of a yapper, especially when being "ignored" by his Dad, so it never goes on too long, and we were soon back to the frisbee throwing.

Have a good weekend

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