Monday 10 December 2007

Human Diets

Human diets - we dogs love them. Mum and Dad were off yesterday for a "gathering of the clans" family meal (at the Queen's Head in Icklesham, if you're interested, and Dad is happy to recommend it . ). They tend to serve big portions, and yesterday a lot of the rels chose either the turkey, or the great big slab of venison

Being humans just before Christmas and worrying about their waistlines, a good few of them couldn't finish theirs off and both Dad's Auntie Sylvia (who goes in for dalmatians) and Dad are always equipped with a few plastic bags in their back pockets for dog kind of reasons. So they split the left over booty between them and tonight we dined very nicely on real meat mixed in with our "Butchers' Tripe" tinned. Yum

I am a bit lame at present. There is a (totally unfounded in my view) suspicion that I have been battling with Haggis as we charged down the stairs and I have come a cropper and pulled a muscle. I now do a good line in looking pathetic with front right paw raised slightly. Dad says he knows it's nothing serious because I'm such a squealing drama queen if I have a real sharp pain (or the vetgives me an injection), and he has poked, prodded, flexed and squeezed and got no noisy reaction, so they are just easing off our walks till I am better.


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