Saturday 15 December 2007

Cracker and Seti

Readers who were with me a year ago might recall the time we passed through Portmarnock (Co. Dublin, Rep. of Ireland) early in the morning and called in on the house of the Steak lady. Here I, as a pup in those days raced around the house unearthing all bones and toys buried by the house dog "Cracker" (a tiny Yorkie who was, in the absence of Steak Lady (holiday in N Africa) being house sat "en famille" by the neighbours; the house was deserted!).

I brought them all proudly back to the kitchen, where Mum or Dad would take them off me with "That's Cracker's" and put them in a wooden bowl on the worktop. I nipped off to find another, and another, and another, till the bowl was full of stuff, and Dad had to leave a message for Steak Lady explaining why there was a bowl full of old bones and chewed toys!

Well, Cracker, the tiny Yorkie has now been joined by a Siamese (Seal point?). The family has always had Siameses, the most recent being called Piewacket, who lived to a ripe old age (20 plus I think) and passed away only a couple of years ago. This new cat is named Seti, following Steak Lady's fascination with all things Egyptological - Pharoahs, Pyramids, the Nile etc. Google it and you'll find that....

"Seti I was the father of perhaps Egypt's greatest rulers, Ramesses II, and was in his own right also a great leader. His birth name is Seti Mery-en-ptah, etc"

Today's pic is of Cracker and Seti curled up in the bed.

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