Thursday 6 December 2007

Christmas Cards

I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiite Christmas......
with every Christmas card I write

It's that time of year again! As usual, Mum and Dad are sending 60-odd cards out in the post, and a good few of these go to Westie related friends they've accumulated over the years of Westie owning, including some as far afield as Mississippi in good old US of A. Those are people Mum and Dad "met" on a Westie chat room / subscriber list which, as far as we know, is still going. Meggie was young then and Haggis a mere pup, but they had great adventures on those lists, with Dad inventing stories and all the listers contributing plot twists and characters

Others are the people who bought Meggie's pups. Meg had 2 litters, 5 pups by Haggis, and then 3 by a very handsome, Champion chap called Wellie. (Megan sighs at this point, the sigh of one who feels she is destined for far higher things and now has to slum it with Haggis and me due to reduced circumstances, or something). Posh bird!

Haggis, by the way, doesn't know that the 2nd litter was not his. He did "his bit" after all, and the pups came out white and exactly the same shape as the first litter, so he Fathered them, played with them and enjoyed them just the same, so please don't tell him about Wellie

So we still send all these people Christmas cards and a small note about the continuing health and life of Meg and the H, so they can tell the "kids". We dont always hear back, so we're not sure how they are all getting on. We know, of course, that poor Ben (first litter), who went to the Angel B and Jim is no longer with us, tragically hit by a car a month or so before I was born. And we are pleased to still get to run around with Owen (2nd litter), who went to Mum and Dad's friend Bob. Likewise, we still see Lady (2nd), who went to Bill and Pauline on the other side of town and we hear regularly from Holly (1st) who lives with two of Dad's colleagues, Tracy and Sarah.

As far as we know, our cards are still being enjoyed by the other three from the first litter, Cassie, Benji and Tinker, and the remaining pup from the 2nd litter, Daisy but they lived further a-field and do not reply to our cards

Cunningly, Dad has included the blog address in the cards this year, so maybe a few of you silent ones will pop up and have a read, leave a comment or whatever. We hope you're all well


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