Tuesday 11 December 2007

The Forest is Coming to get Me

Not content with taking us to the Forest, Dad has decided to bring a chunk of forest (OK not the same one!) home to the house. This has me mildly concerned, as you can tell from the first picture, which Mum thinks looks like me about to have a .... um.... Number 2

But by the second pic we are all looking nice and festive, and we are so chilled with the idea of humans doing daft things to trees in the living room, that we agree to sit (momentarily) in front of it to accept a sweet. Hence the slightly "looking upwards" aproach, at Mum, just out of shot.

We are, of course, Haggis to the left of the photo, my ears in the middle, with me below them, and Megan on the right. Let's not list the "out-takes" with me racing towards Mum or racing towards the cameraman - I never did quite master the sit and stay when there was bribery involved. Meg and the H might get there first, you see, and steal MINE!

Merry Christmas


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