Tuesday 15 January 2008

Sounds Promising

Well - it was still lashing down with rain at lunchtime, but we were all going stir-crazy in here, so Dad put on some suitable rainproofing and we went out anyway, all down round the boatyard loop to check up on the barge, Cambria

The gale was still a-blowing so the wind was screeching through the rigging of the boats, and slap-slapping the halyards and pulley blocks against the masts with that unique noise that can only be a boatyard full of aluminium masted boats

Down at Cambria it all looked promising - there were sounds of heavy hammering coming from the depths of the lighter, and occasional shouts. The car and trucks we know to be those of the Master Shipwright were parked there, and there were two big braziers, one an oil drum, another a rivetted sheet metal water tank burning vigorously, well stocked with size-able chunks of old boat timbers. We didn't want to disturb them, so we went on our way, happy to know they are cracking on a-pace.

By the time we got back indoors we were like 4 drowned rats, so Dad pulled out a wad of dog-towels and we all got rubbed dry. We love that! We end up battling with the towels that get wrapped all around out faces and bodies, and even racing from room to room and on and off the sofa, festooned with damp towels.

Now we're all tired out, and crashed out various places about the house steaming gently and probably stinking of damp rug. It's a dog thing!


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