Tuesday 19 February 2008

In the bleak mid Winter

My but it's cold these mornings. OK, not really by European or any other standards - just compared to what we've been used to. Minus 4 this morning and thick fog. Ponds and butts all frozen over but, as I said, probably no more than a centimetre thick, and the soil probably still dig-able.

We have been living off an ENORMOUS chicken, Mum got from our internet shopping provider. She said "large" but didn't necessarily expect this ostrich to turn up. The humans seem to have eaten meals off it for days - and Mum has created a huge quantity of stock. That means, as any dog will tell you, that there is a goodly pile of skeleton bits (avoiding the hollow, shatter-able long bones of course) - spine, pelvis, rib cage, "hands", Parson's nose etc and the supply of dog treats here actually ran out, so we had to "slum" it with bits of chook!

Life's tough sometimes, isn't it?


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