Tuesday 26 February 2008


Here. Just to prove Rags (aka "Asbo") has not always been such a disreputable looking bandit, with his Lawson eyebrows, is a pic of him as a pup.

OK - gone a bit downhill from there, maybe, but we still love him.

Meanwhile, real-Mum (Mollie) was back off to the vets, and is being kept on the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for the moment. As the weird sores continue to heal and scar over they are a bit itchy for her, and if she's not careful she could make it all flare up again with her scratching

..and our chum Bugsy, the Bichon is now being joined by an 11 week old baby brother. he's not been allowed out in public yet as he's only 11 weeks, but we'll look forward to meeting him. Being "Show" people and ex Afghan breeders, only the best pedigree will do for them, and I gather that they are paying sensible-ish money only because this very well bred boy is for "pet" use only (ie you enter an agreement not to breed with him, verbal only maybe, but still kept to as a matter of homour among breeders). Full on pedigree bichons from this source are upwards of £700 these days!!! How much? Something to be said for disreputable maybe.......... Good ol' Ragster


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