Friday 22 February 2008


Belly ache? Moi? Nothing of the sort. Half an hour after refusing my supper so definitely, I am coming in from outdoors to receive the traditional "sweetie" (dog treat) snapping at which in my usual eagerness I take 4 of Dad's fingers off at the wrist (ok - slight exaggeration). Mum puts my bowl back down and, fending off the M and H marauders (who are wondering how come i got a "2nd bowl") I wolf it down at normal speed.

Now I have Mum and Dad confused (but relieved). They put it down to the "1st bowl" being offered on coming indoors instead of a sweetie, which threw me out somehow. Ah well, got my supper in the end.

No such confusion tonight, and a good frisbee-throwing walk on the Rec, in which we meet close-clipped Wheaten terrier "Shamrock" (She's really a people-person and not interested in dogs at all), plus the usual suspects Patch and Trixie (Jack Russells almost as old and shuffle-along as Meggie)

Have a great weekend

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