Sunday 17 February 2008

Poor ual' Mum

News comes that "real-Mum" (Mollie) is not well. She has some sort of acute excema around her face and jowls, which means raw, weeping sores. She is under the vet (obviously) but for now looks a very sorry Westie, with shaved patches and forced to wear one of those "lamp shade" protectors to stop her from aggravating her sores by scratching with her feet or just rubbing her face on any convenient rough surface.

Get well soon Mum - we are all thinking of you.

By the way, that r*t from a few posts ago. We finally nailed the critter and presented him to Dad as a trophy, leaving the limp but salivated on form in the middle of the circle garden. Discretion has dictated that Dad quietly dispose of the corpse, but WE KNOW WE GOT HIM!

Deefer - steely-eyed Killer

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