Sunday 3 February 2008

Deep Down Inside

Deep down inside every Westie, I think there must be a bit of Arctic Wolf lurking. Tonight we were all spread across the sofa when a wildlife programme came on, about the sub-Arctic - snow geese, arctic foxes, gyr-flacons, snowy owls and (delight Ooooo-oooo-ooooooowooooo!) proper white Arctic Wolves, scampering about, slinking, hunting, howling - all sorts

This has Haggis and I leppin' off the sofa to go nose to nose with the screen, and Meggie at least raising her head from sleep. OK, maybe she's got less Arctic Wolf in her than H and I, but then, she is of "Haristocratic Descent", being the Dowager Duchess of Kent an' all. You wouldn't expect her to go around howling and eating snowgoose goslings and stuff, would you now? She'd have the butler do it for her, and present it to her on a silver platter with one of those domed covers over it....


Great stuff
Stirs the very soul of a dog

Deefer, Steely-eyed silent slinking killer of the sub-Arctic

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