Wednesday 25 June 2008

Dad proposes

Mmmmm... Dad likes a tub of yogurt after his supper. It was a late one tonight because they were out again judging villages, so the yogurt was Greek natural, tonight, and (Oh Joy!) Dad is singing around because he discovers a jar of Diamond's home made Rhubarb and Ginger jam, "we" didn't know we had.

He is half way through this when he decides it is so delicious he needs to text Diamond and propose to her. Immediately the phone rings and Mum (who claims to recognise her ring) answers without waiting for the caller to speak "Hello, Diamond. This is the home for abandoned wives!"

We dogs don't mind. We've already had some left over pasta sauce (mmmm creme fraiche, yogurt, salmon, lemon juice), and now Dad sneakily passes me the yogurt tub, unseen by Meg or the H. This way I can nip it between my teeth and scurry off to my out-of-the-way bed to give it a proper licking out.

The up-side of being small and insignificant....

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