Saturday 21 June 2008

Pegwell Bay, Kes and Cambria

Yep. It's time for your regular shot of the progress on the restoration of Sailing Barge Cambria. Double click the picture to expand it up to full screen. You can see that all the frames and floor planks are now in, for the box-like mid section of the barge, and that the big long curved "inner wales" have now been put into place, helping to bring out the lovely curved shape of the hull, higher at the prow and stern than she is mid-ships.

These old girls, loaded with 170 tonnes of bulk cargo (wheat, cattle feed, coal, rock, bricks etc) sometimes sailed with only 12 inches of free-board at the mid point - ie any wave more than a foot tall would be lapping over the side planking, so they sailed with the hatches covered over and batten'd down - it was said that as long as you could see the stem, stern and mast, you were OK!

Mum and Dad are now in the thick of judging (assessing) gardens for "Gardening for Wildlife" and of villages for the Calor Village of the Year "Environmental Action" category, so this weekend is a bit of a come and go session. We don't mind. We get a sweetie as they leave and the joy of a welcome re-union on their return. So today they are off to do a garden in town, then back. Then off to do another at the old coastguard cottages in Pegwell Bay.

They come back enthusing about that one - there are not many gardens where you are a-top the cliffs, looking down at a kestrel nest in the cliff, and watching the fulmars patrolling up and down, eye-ing you suspiciously (and ready to spit that foul fishy goo if they think you're too near their cliff edge!).

Finally they're off to look round Charing village for the VoY thing

Only after that do we get our walk. We go down to the creek, and boatyard, and call in on the Cambria Visitor Centre, where-at, one of Dad's mates and his wife are holding the fort. We all troop in to be met by his long haired Jack Russell, 3 year old Kes (named after a character in Startrek, apparently - we'll have to google it, not being Trekkies).

We have a short shout but then we all settle down to schmoozin' up each others' "parents". Mind you we thought it was a bit cheeky when Kes, trying to love up Dad who was leaning back on a wall, jumped from floor to lap and then Dad's shoulders, looking down on him from the back of his neck as if she were on the back of a sofa! A new friend.

Mum and Dad are off to try out a new Italian Restaurant in town "Villa Toscana" - more on this next time.

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