Sunday 22 June 2008

Smelling of Rosie

Mum and Dad came back last night, very happy (!) with their Villa Toscana restaurant experience. (see....

for more info. It's an Italian (obviously) restaurant which has taken over where our friends Mr and Mrs Chef (of earlier posts), whose business went belly-up, used to have their place. It is probably more in line with the local need (less "foodie", less expensive) - well, it must be - it's always full and it's a job to book a table.

Mum and Dad eat well, and very reasonably, and are serenaded all night by a grand-piano player who is tinkling out medleys of classis, Elton John songs, chart hits, well-known opera tunes and even a snatch or two of London sing-along stuff. All very calm and pleasant. The menu, they say, is so extensive and varied, they'll need to come back a few times to work their way through it.

Today, we are abandonned while they go off to judge Headcorn village for the Village of the Year. They return for a spot of lunch, then Dad mooches off to John's place in the 2cv, where-at the project car Mademoiselle is now having her bodywork and wiring finished off. Mum heads off to find Diamond and then to visit Denis.

That's it for the 2CV for now. We hand it over to 2CV Llew (so Dad comes back smelling of Lew's dog Rosie) for a service and an MOT. By the time we see it again, it will have a lovely new (soft-top) roof in navy blue. Llew being Llew, of course, this may take a while.....


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