Tuesday 24 June 2008

Garden Feature

Our garden has an impressive new feature - a huge red tower crane looming over our trees. Here for the constructing of the flat-pack Home-for-the-Bewildered (which our man on site Bruce says will only take 3 weeks till the roof is on) it is at least 4 times as tall as the Paulownia, so probably 80 foot!

We watched it unravel from it's neat HGV sized lorry, as if it was some kind of "Transformer" toy, the main tower being jacked into the vertical and telescoped out, and the long horizontal "jib" being swung out, seemingly over the houses, into it's final position.

Uncle Jim let us out at that point, so I had to race down the garden and shout at it. Well, you would, wouldn't you? Now it's being swung about hither and yon moving bits of H-f-t-B into position. Impressive.

Meanwhile we have Googled "Kes" and find she is an attractive blue eyed blond of alleged elf extraction.


We are not entirely sure why you'd name a scruffy long haired Jack Russell after her, but it kinda works.


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