Wednesday 25 June 2008

Night Caller

What we have, at the bottom of the garden, throwing the Ikea flat-pack Home-for-the-Bewildered sections about is, by all accounts, a "Spierings" crane from City Lifting ( - nip onto that site and watch the freeze-frame movie of the beast being erected in about 16 minutes. Impressive. Dad has texted our on-site expert, Bruce, to see how actually tall it is, but the chap has not got back to us yet.

Meanwhile, at 02:30 last night our hedgehog comes a-calling again, undetected by Mum, Dad, Haggis or me, but picked up on Meg's radar. She was asleep downstairs (does she ever sleep?) and knew that he was on the terrace , and set up the required racket of woofing to wake the house. The noive!

We race downstairs but don't actually stop to look how close the hedgehog might be. Dad opens the door and we shoot out, accelerating hard, fixin' to get to the bottom fence, 100 feet away, as quickly as possible, treading over each other if need be.

Dad nearly wee'd himself laughing when we all had to stop 3 feet outside the door, nearly standing on our noses to brake in time, as the hog curled into a ball.

It's good to have him back and Dad can quickly call us off the "attack" but we wonder how many times a hedgehog will put up with nearly being swept away in a tide of white furry dog.

Have a great evening

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