Sunday 15 June 2008

LB and Star

Nice chat this morning on the way back from our walk, to a new kid on the block, 11 week old red and white Springer pup, "L.B." They told me the "L" stands for "Little" but they'd not tell me what the B stood for, so I guess he'll have to stay just "LB". Lovely little fella anyway, and about to start puppy classes.

At the same time we meet up with smoky-grey German (we thought) Shepherd "Star" who we first met as a pup in the Rec in May last year. I say "thought" - there's been some discussion since, and the owner now thinks she may be a Belgian Shepherd. She's very slight, and apparently has been a bit of a problem with her nervousness, which has led to agressiveness with strangers. They have had to call in the dog "behaviourist".

As we stood and chatted, the owner commented that if my Dad had not had we three westies with him, Star would have been pulling away in fright. She is calmed, for some reason, by the fact that the stranger is with dogs. We are ladeeez of mystery

Mum and Dad, with Diamond, had a new experience today, taking a car load of tools and bits from Denis's shed to a car boot sale to sell. They seem to have enjoyed themselves, and came back smelling of Ragworth, and an unknown westie called Mollie who is 10 apparently. They sold loads of junk and returned via the tip to dump the rest. Diamond now has a nice clear shed which can be taken apart, sold to one of Dad's allotment chums, and she can reclaim the "patio" bit where the shed sat, for use in sunning and basking. Megan thoroughly approves. She likes a good bask.

Hope your weekend is going as well as ours


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