Thursday 5 June 2008

Scarlet Woman

It's finally happened - at almost 21 months old I have come "on" for the third time. There are dark mutterings among the humans that because there are no plans for me to have any pups of my own, this might be my "last one". Small matter of a laundry issue in the bed linen dept (not to mention spotting on floors) plus the effect I am having on poor Haggis

The H is, of course, "safe" at this point (sorry - I'm trying to keep this suitably vague for our younger readers) but having tasted honey as a young man (with Megan), he is currently toying with the idea of forsaking his life-long love (Megs) in favour of the younger model, and has been testing the temperature of the water.

Too many metaphors, too many analogies.....

Dad, meanwhile comes home filled with unaccustomed carbs and e-numbers, the usual healthy diet shot to bits. First-Dad is about to celebrate his 50th, and their workplace has been a sea of chocolate biscuits, cream cakes, Dorito's and Crispy-Creme doughnuts. Dad and Mum are also starting out on the assessing of "Garden for Wildlife", so the evening is a bit of a flurry. We get walked early, via the allotment - Dad admiring the wilting collection of de-capitated marestail and bindweed left by yesterday's hoeing. Then we get abandonned while the assessing happens, and finally we get a treat of the bones out of a poussin, and a sit down to watch Springwatch.

Busy life

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