Friday 20 June 2008

Lamb Shanks in Beer?

OK - but not deliberately. The beer in question was another of those "take home" beers that nearby pub "The Elephant"... in 2 pint tetra-packs going by the name of "Inacarton" ( In this case it was Dr Okells...

The pub is near Diamond's house, so John sometimes brings a pint or two (or 4 or 6) round when they come to supper, and in one case the boys had been unable to finish it, so Dad had frozen a spare pint in order to use it in a beef-in-ale pie.

This pint Mum de-frosted today thinking it was stock to use in a lamb-shanks recipe. Dad got home to discover the mistake , and used some of the beer anyway in the stock that went into the shanks.

We don't mind. When the humans have eaten the bulk of the meat off it all, Dad splits off the cartilege-y end of one shank to make three bits and we all get some. We don't care if it's a bit beery, and we can shlurp and grind away happily for ages. Special treat, once we've got the ends off and have the shanks down to a tubular bone-shaft, is when Dad sticks a chop-stick up the end forcing out the marrow. Yummy!


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