Friday 20 June 2008

Sapeurs Pompiers

A girl knows how to stay cool on a hot day out camping - lie under some handsome French Firefighters. OK not quite. In this case it was a almost-fully-restored Citroen H-Van, now converted to a camper, but formerly a general-purpose support vehicle for the Sapeurs Pompiers (French Fire Brigade) in the town of Falaise in northern France.

Falaise is French for "Cliff", which turned out to be quite significant for the guy doing the restoration. He also happens to be "Dad" to Ben and Nellie, the collie-crosses we pictured a few posts back. Cute vehicle, cute dog, we say.

Well, now it's the weekend, and we are about to start chilling out. Mum is off with Diamond to watch "Sex and the City" at the local cinema. Meg (who adored the final episode on TV and was allowed to join the last-episode party, to sip drips of cocktail off the end of a finger and nibble minute bits of chocolate, and also seemed to enjoy (so we're told) having her toe-nails painted full-on tart-red) wishes she could go. Dad is swerving it all on the grounds of exhaustion following his adventures with the Beavers last night. Likely story!


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