Saturday 7 June 2008

Stir it Up

I am starting a new campaign. Bring "Chance" indoors. Poor aul' Chance, red and white mongrel, has been with the Silverwoods since they lived in Maidstone, and has known Megan and Haggis since they were pups. He's one of these rescue pups, discovered in a dustbin, and given a good life by the Silverwoods, first in Maidstone, then surviving while they moved to the Irish midlands, and on through the buying of new dogs "Sam" and "Dancer"

Now the Silverwoods have a posh new house extension and the dogs are outdoor dogs, confined to the garden bit beyond the posh new decked terrace, all be it in a "lovely warm" kennel with nice bedding etc.

But we think that Chance, now in the Autumn of his years ought to be allowed a bed indoors away from the clamouring youngsters. We say find him a corner, a dog bed in a corner of the kitchen where he can relax in the warm and not wake up stiff and cold and have to get himself painfully going in competition with the pups. OK in the Summer, but in the cold damp of an Irish Winter, he doesn't want to be an outdoor dog.

Go on Silverwoods........ He deserves it


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree, you have the vote of the Silverwood 1 or 2 if you include Chance as well. Silverwood Daddy.