Saturday 19 April 2008

2 weeks early...

We have had the absolute BIGGEST day! The main event being Dad leading the first "Bluebell Walk" in Challock Forest for the "Friends of..." and this being likely to be a 1.5 hours one, he decided that Meggie might now struggle to keep up, and therefore we'd leave her to rest. She does though need some kind of walk, so we all got up early and headed for the Rec for a chase about, and to let dogs do what dogs have to do in the morning.

That done, and Breakfast taken, Dad, the H and myself head off for the forest in the car to meet up with the new "Friends" committee and any members of the public who might want to come a-walking. Not many as it turned out, although a young lad called Charlie latched onto Dad and me, and made a big fuss of me - they used to have a Westie called "Titchy", so I was happy to be his chum for the walk.

As for Bluebells the poor old Friends never seem to get this timing right. We have to decide back in October when the Bluebells will be at their best, so that we can book the walks and print the fixture list. Last couple of years, when we've done April it's been a cold Spring and we're too early. When we book May it's a scorcher and they're all over.

This is one of the cold wet (and snowy!) Springs, so April 19th is, as it happens, about 2 weeks too soon. Just the odd bluebells are open, and a slight blue thin haze is starting in the best places. They need a warm fortnight, truthfully, to be a good show. Maybe next year we'll book 2 dates about 3 weeks apart

We had a good walk though abnd everyone enjoyed seeing bits of the Forest off the beaten track that they'd not normally see.

We slept through the afternoon, while Dad went off to get some spuds and broad beans in up at the allotment, then we all crashed on the sofa for Dad to have an "Eric Clapton" (see earlier post). Next we were all up again and off to Diamond's place for a supper, and a chase around with Rags (Asbo). Add to that the walk home, and H and I have had 4 walks. No wonder we're exhausted. Won't need anyone to sing us a lullaby tonight!


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