Friday 25 April 2008

Strawberry Fields

You'd think after 20 months of tramping the local highways and bye-ways, there'd be nowhere within a mile that we hadn't been, wouldn't you? Last night though, I went for the first time round a walk that everyone else knew but which we hadn't used since I'd been on the scene - a footpath that runs out East from half way up Love Lane on the East side of town.

This has been, till recently, accessible only through an awful, tumble down, shored-up-with-chain-link stile, which Dad had to carry each dog over one by one, tying each up either side to do do the other. The faff wasn't worth the rewards. We noticed yesterday though, that all this wire and stuff is replaced with a lovely solid, ground level "kissing gate", so we went exploring.

It's a lovely path - part grass, some hard road and some dirt which was, admittedly, a bit sticky after the rain (and thunder storm!) of Thursday afternoon, but it cuts through fields of barley and orchards of fruit trees, fields of strawberries and acres of poly-tunnels full of young strawberries. There are on-the-lead bits (the farmer asks this so Haggis doesn't wee up against a strawberry plant!) but most of it's free.

The full loop takes you out on the path twoards Goodnestone and then comes back through the fields and over the railway line to Dad's allotment, but we didn't go that far. We were a bit muddy by then so we cut home the shorter way, down the Graveney Road. Muddy undercarriages are us!


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