Saturday 26 April 2008

Famous Charlie

Meet Charlie. Fairly famous round here for his pond clearing antics. If he sees a pond he's into it. If he sees a floating stick or log in the pond he has to get it out. If your mission in life was these ecoliogical volunteer stylee pond-clearances, you could do no better than to take him to the pond, then sit and have a picnic.
Charlie would set to work to grab all the floating logs in the water and drag them safely to the shore. No-body knows why, least of all his owners, but that's just what he does.
Here we are all out on the Friends of King's Wood 2nd Bluebell Walk (more bluebells open this time - photo's to follow) but is was also, by co-incidence, Charlie's 8th Birthday. The walk inevitably took us past one of the Friends' ponds, so we let the birthday boy indulge himself.
His owners are quite heavily involved in the Rare Breeds Trust ( and the pond there gets cleared on a regular basis, but down in the Forest, Charlie is an infrequent visitor, so there was a huge backlog (groan... geddit? backlog?) of debris in the water
Go Charlie - and Happy Birthday

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