Tuesday 22 April 2008

Bright eyes

Couldn't resist another picture of "us", in this case Meggie looking particularly cute and wistful. Also for a girl in her Autumn Years, very fit and healthy, clear, bright eyed and cold wet nosed.

Ooops - must dash. Someone is riding horses up the street and the clippety clop of hooves sends us dashing out and round the the side gate to see. This being the brewery town that it is, it is quite often the local brewery's drey on it's way to or from shows, but it's a bit late for that. Turns out to be just a couple of horse riders bravely taking on what constitutes a "rush hour" round here

The sun is out and it is warming up, so Dad is hopeful of a good (or certainly "better") show of bluebells at Challock this weekend compared to last.

By the way - just got another "traffic report" from the site-meter and we've now passed 2500 views and 1500 visits.

Look after yourself


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