Thursday 3 April 2008

The Early Bunny

We are out at the crack of dawn this morning, Dad having a day off to attend a (non-work) meeting and do the circuit down to the boat yard, which means we are the first dogs through the Abbey Fields. This means that all the nightime bunnies have still to retreat under ground, so great fun can be had by a swift westie, dashing down the path that runs between the bramble thickets where hide the bunnies, and their warrens.

You take off down the path and a few yards in front a bunny dashes across your path, right to left. You run faster, thinking you must hurry to the place where the bunny crossed, so you too can turn left and follow him down the hole, but by the time you nearly get to where he crossed, another dashes across a few yards further on and distracts you.

So it goes on from one end of the path to the other, the path stretching out in front, and the rabbits whizzing across like a blur. A girl can quite forget herself and any notion of "come!" or "DEEEfer!!!" or whistling. She can return ages later completely covered in bramble thicket, grass, burrs and dew. It's a good early morning look!

Once we're quite tired out, we still have the rest of the walk to do, and on that bit we meet a geriatric black and white greyhound. His Mum is holding him firmly and repeatedly saying "NO!" as if the poor old guy is going to leap into the attack. Somebody needs to tell the old girl that he is 104 years old and that his attacking days may be over. The greyhound just stands there looking resigned and bored. If he could say "No what?" he probably would.


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