Sunday 6 April 2008

Git them Doggies Rollin'

Dad feeling very old today having yesterday attended 25th wedding anniversary of his "baby brother". I gather this involved a certain amount of sitting in the car in a traffic jam on the M4, and then some arriving well late and eating very fast to catch up, but they all survived. They were back here in time to watch Doctor Who, taped for them by the Angel Betty, anyway. We'd had our walk really early, so we were OK

Another early walk today round the boat yard. Dad is going that way again today, as it's the Sunday for a stint working on the SB Cambria, but I marked the occasion by rolling in some "skank" (that's what Dad called it. I tend to think it enhanced one's natural fragrance, and was most put out when I was lashed to the outside tap on returning home , while Dad assembled warm soapy water and a dog towel. )

I am now not only being read by Humans from around the world, but also by cyber-chickens. I got a lovely e-mail comment from a Derbyshire chook called Sugar-Lump (Thank you for that). In answer to your question, yes I am boss of this house and I have Dad, Mum and Megan's permission to say so. Haggis thinks he's above me in the pecking order, but he's a boy, so I don't think so.


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